Friday, December 9, 2011

Course Update 12/9

It's Good! I hope everyone enjoyed the Alamo Bowl Golf Tournament that was played yesterday afternoon. We had a great turn out and had a nice afternoon for golf. Two goal posts were erected on 13 North, and 17 South as part of the tournament. We will be tearing down the goal posts this morning.
Irrigation Tech, Mike Lang puts the finishing touches on the goal post

Rainfall from last weekend totaled just over an inch. We still desperately need rain in order to ease drought restrictions. Currently, it appears that we will begin 2011 already in Stage II drought restrictions. If we are to stay in Stage II for all of 2011 then we will experience a 30% decrease in our allocated water.

We also experienced our first hard freezes of the year on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Low temperatures dipped into the mid to upper twenties and both courses had heavy frost. This is normal for this time of year, and we expect the bermuda grass to begin entering full dormancy soon.

All of our overseeding is now complete. The 19th hole was seeded on Wednesday and should be looking good in the few weeks.

We have roped off the front part of the South putting green. This area typically is weak and thin due to the high amount of traffic. Please help us minimize the damage by avoiding this area.

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