Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Good Morning and Happy New Year,

On behalf of the entire maintenance crew I would like to thank all of you for your support and patience over the past year. 2011 was full of excitement, challenge, and change for both of our courses. The ongoing drought and the North greens renovation certainly made things interesting. However, we can now look back and take pride that as a club we were able to make the most of a tough summer and ultimately improve playing conditions on both courses. Your support combined with the hard work and dedication of our staff made this past year a success. We welcome the New Year and look forward to continually improving both courses in 2012.

Course Update 12/31/11

Brush Clearing on #2 North

Despite the cooler temperatures we have managed to stay quite busy the last few weeks. We have several goals for this winter:
  • Work on bunker liner removal on North
  • GPS mark and re-program the North irrigation system
  • Brush and tree removal on both courses
  • Clean up, organize, and improve our maintenance facility
  • Clean up other areas on the course - such as sand piles, mulch, etc
The list could on for several pages. However, these are 5 areas that we are going to make progress on over the next couple of months. Much of the work has already started: We are almost finshed clearing the brush in front of #2 Tee North and several dead trees have been removed on both courses. In addition, we have started mapping the irrigation system and cleaning up our maintenance yard. We have also recieved 4 loads (100 tons) of sand for the North bunkers. This is a white sand that we will add to the bunkers as the liners are removed.

A  screen shot showing how we are using a hand held GPS and Google Earth to map our irrigaton system

The crew begins work cleaning up the maintenance yard.

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