Friday, November 9, 2012

Course Update 11/9/12

The "Fajita Team" on Friday 11.2.12
FAJITAS! Last Friday Gordon Hudson and crew arrived at the maintenance facility for their 2nd annual fajita cook out. The entire maintenance staff was treated to an afternoon of food and camaraderie sponsored by several of our members. The showing of support and gratitude for another long summer of work was greatly appreciated by all. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who helped put this unique event together.

We have been very busy working on several areas of the course. Our primary objective right now is completing final fall preparations both courses. There are several ways to go about this process - all with the underlying goal being to get both courses as healthy as possible before the cold weather arrives. Overall conditions on both courses are good, and we feel that we are heading in the right direction for this time of year.
Overseed on 10 Tee North
A quick note on overseed. This year the only areas that will be overseeded are the Par 3s, the driving range tee, the driving range target greens, and a few areas around the clubhouse and tennis facility. Last Monday we completed the seeding of these areas. The seed has successfully germinated and we are now in the process of cutting back the water and starting to resume normal mowing. The driving range tee will be open tomorrow morning - 11/10.

The list and photos below show a few of the things we have been working:
Driving Range Practice Tee prepared for final grading
  • Overseed complete on Par 3s, Driving Range Tee, Driving Range Target Greens
  • Fall Color change out on all beds around the clubhouse 90% complete
  • Pencil tined, topdressed, and applied organic fertilizer to the greens on both courses
  • Completed several spray applications to the greens
  • Edged bunkers on N and S, and finished edging cart paths on the S
  • Continued work on the driving range teaching tee
  • Repaired the broken drain line on 18 tee North
Thanks again to everyone for your continued support of our maintenance operations. Come and enjoy your courses this weekend. Or better yet - celebrate the Aggies victory over Alabama at the club following the game saturday. BTHO Alabama!!!