Saturday, December 3, 2011

Course Update 12/3

Mike McCarthy applying the pre/post application to 17 Fwy
on the South with the new sprayer
It looks like a wet weekend in store for San Antonio. We have received just under .5" inches of rain so far this morning and both courses are very wet. Unfortunately we will be cart path only for at least the rest of today. However, the slow steady rain is certainly a welcome sight. We spent all week applying our pre/post emergence herbicides to both courses. All of the tees, fairways, and a majority of the roughs were treated. Pre-emergence herbicides work by killing annual weeds as they germinate from seed, however have little or no effect on weeds that are already established. Post-emergence herbicides work in a variety of ways, however they have no effect on weeds that are not already established. This year we used a combination two products to provide a balanced attack against the weeds that we can already see, and those that have yet to germinate. The pre-emergent herbicide used must be sufficiently watered into the soil in order for to be activated - this rain is exactly what we were hoping for.
Foam marker is used as a guide during applications
to prevent overlap or skips.
We purchased a new spray rig earlier this year that is a huge help in making large chemical and fertilizer applications. This sprayer holds 300 gallons, is diesel powered, has precise computer controlled booms and nozzles, and is equipped with drift prevention covers. Not to mention the fact that its price tag is comparable to that of a new full-size luxury pick up truck. We take our chemical applications very seriously. All equipment and chemicals are precisely calibrated. All label instructions are clearly followed to ensure the safety of our golfers, workers, turfgrass, and the environment. If you ever have any questions about our applications or calibration procedures for your own lawn please do not hesitate to contact me at


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