Saturday, October 27, 2012

Course Update 10/27/12

A sneak preview of Mike McCarty's entry for the employee pumpkin carving contest on this coming Tuesday.
Finally some October rain! We received just over 1" of rain in the last 24 hours. Both courses are fully open with only select holes being cart path only. It looks to be a great day with plenty of sun, cooler temperatures, and a steady North wind. Take a break from college football and come out and play a few.

As we wrap up another busy week, I would like to illustrate of couple of the areas that we have been working on:
  • Pencil tine all greens
  • Repair and paint fence on 10 South
  • Began work on driving range practice tee
  • Repaired several irrigation leaks on the North
  • Completed fall preventative weed control applications
  • Treated weeds in the rough on the South Course
  • Spot core aeration on several greens
  • Began fall change out on clubhouse grounds
Spot Aerating Greens
Isidro aerating #16 North
We are finished with any large scale core aeration. However, there are several areas on both the North and South greens that we need to continue to aerate. These areas need to have organic matter removed in order to promote drainage and increase oxygen available to the roots. We will use a combination of small solid tines (pencil tines) and small coring tines to accomplish this goal. The coring tines will only be used in very specific areas, while the pencil tines will be used on entire greens. Last week we pencil tines all of the greens, and cored certain areas. 
Driving Range Teaching Tee
John from TWC rough shaping the tee at the back of the Range
Fence of #10
Freddie and Beto did a great job working on the fence on #10
A quick look at next week:
  • Overseed driving range tee, par 3s, and target greens - Monday
  • Light topdress and fertilize all greens - Monday
  • Continue fall change out
  • Continue driving range tee project
  • Continue North irrigation repairs

Friday, October 19, 2012

Course Update 10/19/12

PARTY GOLF!!! Mr. and Mrs. Renfro take two shots off their score by tackling the beer bong!
It is hard to believe that is has already been two weeks since my last post. The weather has been perfect and both courses are seeing lots of play. The rain and warm temperatures have allowed both courses to see substantial drought recovery, and we are looking forward to entering this winter much healthier than last year.

We have been extremely busy keeping up with normal maintenance, completing fall and winter preparations, and tackling a busy tournament schedule. The list below shows a few of the items that we have been working on:

Nacho aerating the South greens on 10/8.
Our one year old sprayer is a huge help in making crucial apps
  • Completed final aeration on both North and South greens. From here on out we will only be using small solid tines to provide air to the root system.
  • Completed fall fertilizer applications to all areas of both courses
  • Completed 90% of our preventative weed control applications
  • Started repairing the fence on #10 South
  • Treated the bees on 13 North
  • Completed several spray applications on N and S greens in order to protect the greens for the months ahead
  • Mowing heights on roughs, tees, and fairways have been raised and will stay at this height through the winter
  • Steadily raising mowing heights on greens in order to provide protection over the winter.
  • Completed clean up in several areas on the North Course perimeters - including #7, #1, #15, #16
  • Fixed multiple irrigation leaks on North Course
  • Added sand to several bunkers on the South

We have a lot in store for the next couple of weeks. Including:
  • Overseed the driving range tee, and par 3 tees
  • Core aerate specific areas on several greens
  • Begin work on driving range teaching tee
  • Complete fence repairs
  • Continue to fix irrigation issues on the North
  • Solid tine aerate and lightly topdress greens
  • Continue perimeter clean up
  • Edge bunkers and cart paths on both courses
  • Continue to add sand to South bunkers, and stockpile sand for North bunkers
Overall things are going well on both courses. We look forward to completing our fall cultural practices, and shifting gears to accomplishing our winter goals. I will post more next week on our winter goals. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the course.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Course Update 10/5/12

Players in this year's SWGA Classic Affair participate in the Marshmallow Long Drive Contest
It's finally Friday! I would like to start this week's post by thanking everyone who played in the Classic Affair, our SWGA Member/Guest Invitational. The weather was perfect for the three days of golf, and I hope that everyone enjoyed the courses. Congratulations to Marian Dyer and her guest who secured first place gross. Also, congratulations to our Club President, Sue Colburn and her guest, for capturing first place net. Special thanks also goes out to Gary Tupa for providing the flowers for the tee placements.

Another great event begins today - The Logeman Invitational. Good luck to everyone playing! It looks like we have great weather for the 54 hole event, and we hope that you all enjoy both courses. On behalf of the crew, I would like to thank Larry Duke and the rest of the players for the food provided to the crew this morning.

Thanks to your continued support of the blog we have now been visited on the web over 10,000 times. I thought it would be fun to share a few of the statistics provided by our host - Blogger.
  • We are currently at 10,026 views
  • The overwhelming majority of views come from the US, however we have been viewed all of the world including: Canada, German, India, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Russia, France, and Malaysia, and the Middle East.
  • 67% of viewers use Internet Explorer, followed by 14% using Safari 
  • 15% of views come from mobile devices, with the highest being the iPhone or iPad
In other news...we spent the majority of this past week completing routine maintenance. The crew did an excellent job completing several tasks over a short period of time in order to prepare the courses for the Classic Affair and this weekend's play. A few of the items we completed:

  • Bunkers edged on both courses
  • All roughs mowed on both courses
  • Arroyo clean up between the North and South
  • Greens sprayed - South on Wednesday and Friday, North on Thursday
  • North greens fertilized
  • Completed clean up from last weekend's rain
  • Cattail clean up on 17 north
  • Tees, collars, approaches, and fairways mowed 3 times
  • Treated weeds in collars and greens surrounds on both courses
Spray Technician, Jerrod Frost applying folliar fertilizer and wetting agent to the North Greens. Jerrod has been
a great addition to our team since moving from Oak Hills to Sonterra earlier this year.
Next week will also be busy. We will be open for play on the North following the morning tournament. Call the golf shop for more information. I have listed a few of our plans below:
  • Begin applying fall pre-emerge
  • Aerate and topdress South greens (Final core aeration event of the year!)
  • Lightly topdress North greens
  • Begin fertilizing all areas on both courses with potassium
  • Continue cattail clean up
  • Spray greens - North on Wednesday, South on Thursday
  • Apply potassium fertilizer to greens
  • Apply biological nematode treatment to South greens
  • Repair and paint the fence on 10 South 
  • Clean up on 7 North
  • Patch thin areas on the North practice green and #3
  • Add sand to the chipping green bunker
As promised last week, Here are few more pics from the divot party:
Deb working hard to keep the divot fillers hydrated.

Filling divots on 8 fwy