Monday, July 25, 2011

Course Update 7/25/11

North Course: The North greens renovation is still on schedule. The greens have now been planted for a little over three weeks. All of the greens are established and doing well. We started mowing last week at 0.25 inches. Our goal now is to aggressively push the greens so that full coverage can be obtained in the next few weeks. We accomplish this by rolling, fertilzing, mowing, and topdressing. All of these are practices that take place during normal greens maintenance. However, during a grow-in the frequency is greatly intensified. We have a detailed schedule and plan of attack that will help get the greens grown in as quickly as possible.

Hipolito Gonzales cutting number 14 for the first time
July 20th

6 Green on July 22nd

6 Green on July 22nd
6 Green on July 9

South Course: The South greens have now completely healed from the aeration, vertical mowing, and brushing that has taken place in the last two weeks. We are removing a few dead trees between 13 and 14 today. In addition, tomorrow we will spray tees. Greens will be sprayed on Thursday.

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