Friday, August 5, 2011

Course Update 8/5

The drought continues.... Take a look at the map below showing the 90-Day compared to normal rainfall. Hopefully we will get some relief soon. Please continue to stay on the cart paths as much as possible. Thank you to all of you who have been pairing up. We are doing everything possible to avoid going cart path only, however it is certainly a possibility if we do not get some rain soon.

Currently we have three main objectives: 1) Get the North Greens ready as soon as possible. 2) Maintain the South at a high level. 3) Keep the grass alive through hand watering on both courses. On any given day we may have between 4 and 8 guys hand watering tees and greens on both courses. In addition, our Horticulturalist - Gary Tupa, and 2 more guys spend a good portion of their day hand watering all of the ornamentals and flower beds. The 100+ degree temperatures also affect the progress on the North Greens. The heat will not kill the greens but it will certainly slow down lateral growth. We are constantly "syringing" or misting the greens throughout the heat of the day to offset the heat as much as possible.

A lot has happened on both courses since my last post. Below is list of some of the things that have been going on:

North Course:
  1. Greens doing well - on schedule for Mid-September opening
  2. Greens are rolled, mowed, watered, and/or fertilized daily.
  3. Greens were topdressed Monday - and will recieve heavy topdressing weekly
  4. Tees, Fairways, some Rough - fertilized on 7/30
  5. Topdressed several fairways with the old greensmix
  6. #1 Tee landscaping project
  7. Hand Water everyday

#6 Green on 7/30

#6 Green on 7/30

Topdressing the Nursery greens

Topdressing 6 Fairway
South Course
  1. Greens aerated with needle tines on 8/1
  2. Greens fertilized with two times on 8/1
  3. Tees, Fairways, some Rough - fertilized on 8/1
  4. Currently developing an updated plan bunker improvements
  5. Hand Water everyday

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