Friday, July 15, 2011

Course 7/15/11

North Course:  Everything is still on schedule as the greens are now two weeks old. I would like to thank all of you who came out on Tuesday to see first hand the progress the greens have made. We have started to decrease the water are trying a variety of practices to help firm up the greens in preparation for mowing. The picture below shows Jose Moreno using a 11/2 ton asphalt roller to smooth and compact #3 green. 

SAWS Variance Request: The golf shop has received numerous calls about the greens being watered during daytime hours - violating the drought restrictions. We have permission from SAWS to water during the day based on a variance request granted for our greens renovation. We are still complying with the drought restrictions for golf courses - including a 30% reduction in overall usage. Basically, we are devoting most of water to the greens and not watering other areas of the property as much.

South Course: All of the greens were successfully aerated and fertilized on Monday the 11th. The process went smooth and the greens have already shown significant recovery. This aeration consisted of small holes on a very tight spacing. The process for completing this task is listed below.
  1. Aerate greens using walk behind aerator
  2. Remove cores
  3. Blow excess debris and cores off the greens
  4. Brush the sand back into the holes
  5. Water
  6. Roll
  7. Fertilize
  8. Water again
The South putting green immediately after aeration.

We are currently using a combination of double mowing, rolling, and brushing to increase the recovery time. In addition we are currently trying a new grooming brush combined with vertical mowing to help eliminate some of the grain. On Monday the 18th we plan to vertical mowing and lightly topdress.

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