Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Course Update 6/8

Welcome all members and guest playing in the annual Sunburst Tournament. We look forward to a great event. I hope everyone enjoys both courses, all aspects of the club, and all the special events. Good Luck!

In addition to the Sunburst, we are preparing for the start of our renovation next week. The new greens mix has already started arriving and is being stockpiled on the right side of 17.

#8 Well: Finally we have water! The number 8 well is up and running as of yesterday afternoon. This well is producing 280 GPM and the water can be sent to either course. Currently we are pumping all of the water out of this well to the irrigation lake on the North. It will take some time before lake levels return to normal, but this well certainly provides a much needed boost.

1. Re-installing the pipe, pump, and motor

2. Water!!!Checking the pump and flushing out the pipe
3. Everything hooked back up and pumping!

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