Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Course Update 6/7

Another busy week at Sonterra...

Well Work on #8: We are expected to have our #8 Well on the South up and running later today! If everything works as planned this will provide a huge boost to our irrigation systems on both courses.

North Course: Greens were lightly topdressed yesterday. The overseed is finally checking out. We are trying to get the greens rolling as quick as possible without sacrificing smoothness. We are no longer worried about healthy grass long term as this will be the last week of play on the greens. However, the goal is to maintain smooth putting surfaces as the grass begins to die out. We are using a combination of rolling, mowing, brushing, topdressing, and water management to achieve this task.

South Course: Greens were lightly topdressed yesterday and sprayed today. We are still working to increase putting speeds on the South. However, unlike the North, we must be cautious about the long term health of the greens. This is particularly true this year as we will have much more traffic on the South while the project takes place on the North.

Drought Conditions: Currently we are planning to make both courses cart path only beginning on 6/13. Due to the severity of the drought the grass simply cannot take the additional stress from cart traffic. Nobody likes being required to stay on the paths, however until we can recover from the drought it will be absolutely critical in order to maintain acceptable playing conditions. Please take a look at the picture below. This picture was taken yesterday on #7 N. You can see the damage that occurs when traffic signs are ignored and the damage that results. Please encourage your playing parnters and fellow members to follow all traffic signs.

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