Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Course Update 6/14

Congratulations to the winners of the Sunburst Tournament -  Kevin Sempner "Big Daddy" and Sulung Suputra "The China Man"! Thank you all for a great event. I hope that your guests enjoyed the facility and we look forward to next year's tournament on the new greens.

North Greens- Construction Begins! Landscapes Unlimited will begin strippinig the old grass from the North Greens this morning. They will start around 9 and 10 and proceed out from there. The old grass will be removed with a sod cutter and hauled off to various locations around the course. During this process the greens will be lasered and grade stakes installed so that the countours remain the same. Once several greens have been stripped they will begin excavating the greens. We have currently recieved about 25% of the new greens mix, and are expecting more today. Please keep checking the blog to see pictures of the process.

North Course- All course accessories will be removed today. This includes flags, cups, tee markers, etc. We will also be working on removing bunker liners, edging sprinkler heads, and working on other tasks that are often difficult to complete during play. In addition, we will be improving the landscaping around #1 tee. This will take place over the next several weeks and should be a major improvement to the course.

South Course- Greens will be sprayed today. All other normal maintenance practices will take place. We are anticipating high volumes of play on the South while the North is shut down. All efforts will be made to continually improve the South during this time. There is no doubt that the South will experience some congestion and wear and tear with all the traffic. We have a plan in place using several key agronomic practices to limit the damage to a minimum. Please be patient, follow all traffic signs, and remain on the cart paths as much as possible. PLEASE avoid driving in worn or thin areas.

Thank you for the help and we look forward to great rest of the summer on both courses!

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