Friday, August 26, 2011

Course Update 8/26/11

North Course: We are almost ready to re-open! The greens are healthy enough to support play and putting quality is improving daily. We look forward to re-opening the course for Labor Day weekend. Please keep in mind a few things as you return to the course:
  1. The greens are healthy enough to support play
  2. The greens will not be perfect when we open
  3. Putting quality will continue to improve into October
  4. We will be CART PATH ONLY when the course opens
  5. The course will be closed during the week.
I have been asked by several members how well the greens will be putting next weekend. We feel that the greens are definitely playable, however they will be significantly slower and bumpier than the South. Putting quality will continue to improve throughout September and into October. We have an aggressive plan that will not only improve the greens, but also prepare them for their first Winter. Due to the drought, we have been forced to drastically reduce our water use in the roughs. It is absolutely necessary that we open the North as cart path only. Please help us protect the course by following all of the cart restrictions.

The entire crew has done an excellent job preparing the North greens for play. The list below give you a glimpse at some the practices that were completed last week.

Monday - Mow greens at .150" with smooth roller, topdress, work sand in, hand water
Tuesday - Mow greens at .150" with smooth roller, aerate with solid tine, hand water, double roll, heavy water with overhead sprinklers
Wednesday - Mow greens at .150" with smooth roller, finish aerating, finish rolling, hand water, begin spraying fungicide
Thursday - Mow greens at .150" with smooth roller, roll greens, hand water, complete fungicide app, edge greens, pull runners, adjust mowers
Friday - Mow greens at 145" with grooved rollers, roll greens, hand water, fertilize, pull runners

Isidro fertilizing #6 Green

#14 Green on 8/26
 South Course: We are getting closer and closer to going cart path only. If we do not get a break in the weather very soon then it will be necessary to restrict carts to paths on both courses. Please continue to stay on the paths as much as possible, and avoid driving through areas that look to be stressed.

We have taken several precautions to protect the greens on both courses from this weekends expected record high temperatures. Crew members will be hand watering greens throughout the day Saturday and Sunday in order to help cool the grass. This can be a difficult task during heavy play, and we are often forced to water in between groups. Please be patient and allow our staff perform this important task. In addition to hand watering, we applied a preventative fungicide and will be limiting practices such as double cutting and rolling. As a result, I expect the greens to be putting slightly slower this weekend.

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