Friday, August 19, 2011

Course Update 8/19

Drought: We are getting closer and closer to Stage 3 restrictions. As of the this morning the 10-day average of the J-17 monitoring well is at 642.0. Once this average dips below 640 we will be Stage 3 for a minimum of 30 days. This will change our overall reduction in irrigation from 30% to 35%. For more information on the drought restrictions and aquifer level please visit: . Last week I participated in a nationwide web cast discussing the short and long term effects of the drought on golf courses. Please check out a quick summary of the meeting by clicking here The Green Section Record. I encourage you to subscribe to this free weekly update from the USGA.

The following link takes you to the USGA's website where you can view the web cast. It is about an hour long so please allow time for it to download. You will be required to enter your name but do not need to enter a recording key. The link:  Golf Drought Webcast .

North Course: The greens are filling in nicely. We estimate approximately 90% coverage at this point. Our goal now is to continue topdressing, mowing, and fertilizing in order to get the greens ready for a "soft opening" around Labor Day weekend. Over the last several weeks we have steadily been dropping the height of cut (HOC) from .250" to .150". We will continue to drop the height until over the next few weeks. Please keep in mind a few key points as we return to playing the North Course. 1) I can assure you that the greens will not be opened until they are healthy enough to support play. 2) The greens will certainly be playable; however will not provide optimum putting conditions when we first open. This is normal for new greens. They will continue to get better into October of this year, but will not fully mature until next season. 3) We will be cart path only on the North for quite some time. The extreme drought has taken its toll on the entire course. The fairways and particularly the roughs simply cannot support cart traffic at this time. Thank you for your understanding as this is absolutely necessary in order to protect playing conditions long-term.

Ramiro Valenciano hand watering 18 Green on 8/13

South Course: We completed our third aeration of the year on Monday. Many of the holes are still visible however the greens have almost returned to normal putting quality. We are planing to verticut and topdress following the ESPN Challenge on Monday. The mowing heights on the roughs have been raised from 1.5" to 2" as we are already starting to prepare for the fall and winter. HOC's on tees, greens, and fairways will also steadily be raised as we move into September.

Irrigation Technician - Mike Lang created this to help water the dry area in front of 4 Green

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