Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Course Update 7/4/11

Happy 4th of July!

I apologize for the long gap in updates. We have had a very busy past couple of weeks and there is a lot of information to share.

North Course
  • Landscapes Unlimited completed the construction phase on schedule.
  • King Ranch Turf has sprigged all of the greens except the nursery
  • The sprigs have already started growing roots
  • Construction on our nursery/practice area and greens has been completed and is currently being grown in. This is the area between 2 green, 3 green, and 8 tee box. I will post more on this area later, but I believe that it will be a great addition to the club.
  • The railroad tie steps on #4 have been removed and replaced with rock. This are is still under construction.
  • All fairways and most roughs have been aerated
  • Construction is in progress to improve the landscaping on #1 Tee
Now that construction is finished and all the greens are planted; we have entered the grow-in phase of our project. The greens will be watered and closely monitored around the clock. It is critical that we maintain adequate moisture at all times as the plants do not have an established root system yet. In order to do this we must water during the day. All of the greens are constantly given light watering with sprinklers - all day, everyday for the first week or so. We have been given permission from SAWS through a variance request to complete this phase of the project. Also please understand that we are using water from our Trinity wells and not water from the Edwards Aquifer. Once the greens establish roots the water will be scaled back accordingly. As roots develop, we will also begin to fertilize, topdress, and roll on a very frequent basis. Please keep checking the blog and the clubs main page for pictures and more details.

South Course
  • We received 1.5" of rain last week which has made huge difference on both courses.
  • Tees were aerated and fertilized last week.
  • Greens were verticut and fertilized
  • Greens are scheduled for light aeration on 7/11

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