Saturday, June 18, 2011

Course Update 6/18

North Greens:  Landscapes has completed four days of work. The greens on 9,10,1, and 3 have been completely cored out. The greens on 2,7, and 8 should be cored out by tomorrow morning. We are working together with Landscapes 7 days a week in order to meet out construction deadline of July 1. I have listed the basic process for the greens renovation below:

1. Shoot the greens - Use a laser and grid pattern to ensure that contours remain the same
2. Strip the sod - The sod is stripped first so that we can re-use the old greens mix for other projects
3. Remove old greens mix - and stockpile in various locations
4. Smooth and prep green for new mix
5. Install new greens mix - sand is watered in and packed to prevent settling
6. Prepare greens for planting.

9 Green cored out

Why are we renovating greens? While the greens were overseeded it was difficult to see how much Champion bermuda remained on the greens. Now that all of the overseed has died, it is easy to see that renovating the greens was the right choice. The renovation will allow us to fix this problem and several others. In the photo below - the green grass is Champion and the brown is dead overseed 

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