Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Course Update 5/24

We have a lot going on this week on both courses.

North Course: Tees, fairways, and roughs fertilized. We will be edging bunkers today and tomorrow. This is an extremely labor intensive task that takes the better part of two days. Please be patient as playing conditions in the bunkers will be inconsistent during this process. Greens will be topdressed, sprayed, and possibly verti-cut later this week. The hot and humid weather is not good for our overseed on the greens. As a result we must take steps to minimize stress on the greens. This may result in slower speeds over the next couple of days.

South Course: Tees, fairways, and roughs fertilized. We will  be edging bunkers on the South the next couple of days. This process takes less time on the South than the North, however we will not finish until sometime tomorrow. Greens were sprayed today, and may be topdressed and verti-cut later this week. We also aerated all of the tees on the South. This much needed cultural practice combined with the fertilizer application will help the tees out quite a bit.

#8 Well: We should find out some definite information later today regarding the status of the #8 well. Last week the crew from Peerless Equipment pulled almost 1000ft of pipe out of the ground. Near the pump we noticed a hole in the pipe that could be the cause of a severed power wire. These two issues are the suspected cause of the failure of this well quite some time ago. The pump and motor are currently being tested in order determine whether they can be reused. Hopefully, we will be able to get this well repaired and running again soon.

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