Friday, May 20, 2011

Course Update 5/20

North Course: We are still trying to "walk the line" when discussing the North greens. We are confident now that the overseed will last through the Sunburst. However, the goal is to have the grass peak at the right time. Practices such as vertical mowing, double cutting, rolling, water management, and the use of growth regulators all increase green speed and stress. We are trying a combination of these practices to steadily increase speeds as we approach the tournament dates. Our primary objective when preparing for any big tournament is to avoid a big change in speed immediately before the event. We have put together a plan using a combination of the above practices that will help us achieve this goal.

South Course: Greens were topdressed and fertilized yesterday. In addition, the height of cut on the mowers as been lowered for this weekends play. Much the same as the North, we have a plan that should steadily increase putting quality and speed over the next couple of weeks. The men's and women's tees on #1 will be open for play this weekend. Please keep in mind that the sod is still very young and will continue to need heavy topdressing over the next couple of weeks. These tees may be closed at times for maintenance and recovery.

Well Work: Many of you may have seen the crew from Peerless Equipment on #8 of the South yesterday. Our #8 well was drilled in 2005 and has not been functional for quite some time. We contracted with Peerless to pull the well and troubleshoot any problems. This particular well is almost 1000ft deep and taps into the Trinity Glen Rose Aquifer. The crew removed 46 - 21ft sections of 4inch galvanized pipe. Initially reports look promising that we will be able to get this well up and going very soon - providing a much needed boost to our irrigation lakes on both courses. Check out the pics and video below.

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