Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Course Update 4/12

North Course - Tees, Collars, Apps, Rough mowed. Greens single mowed. Bunkers checked. All other normal practices. We had three major leaks on the course last night. Thank you to all of you who called in the leaks. As a result we are very busy this morning trying to get everything put back together. In addition, because of the leaks and lack of rainfall our irrigation lake (#9 and #10) is very low. We will be forced to leave the water feature on 6 off today while we re-fill our irrigation lake.

South Course - Greens single mowed. Rough mowed. All other normal practices. Greens will be sprayed this morning with a combination of wetting agent (helps water move downward through the profile) and fertilizer.

Thank you and have a great day. We look forward to a great event on Wednesday with Taste of the Northside returning to Sonterra for the third year in a row.

Egyptian Geese on #7 Fairway

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