Monday, April 11, 2011


Thank you to everyone that played in the MGA event this weekend. I hope that everyone had a great time and that you guests enjoyed the facilities. We have a very busy week ahead. Here is a quick overview. 
Mon - Tournaments on North and South,
Tues - Preparation for Taste of Northside - possible spray greens (depending on wind)
Weds- Taste of Northside, Taste of Northside Tournament (North), Ladies (South)
Thursday - Spray or Topdress greens
Friday - Get ready for the weekend.

The DROUGHT continues. We are relying on our irrigation systems to keep everything alive. Please help us by avoiding driving in weak or thin areas. I will post more on this later.  Thank you

Yesterdays Couse Update:
North Course - double cut and roll, all other normal practices. MGA tournament at 8:00 am.
South Course - single cut and all other normal practices.

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