Friday, September 21, 2012

Course Update 9/21/12

#18 North taken on Thursday
Today begins the Club Championship! Good luck to everyone that is playing. The courses should play well, and have definitely benefited from last weeks rain. We ended up receiving just under 6" total from Thursday through Sunday. The rain combined with last week's fertilizer applications will definitely benefit all areas on both courses.
We had a very busy week completing normal maintenance, cleaning up from the rains, and preparing for this weekend's tournament. The list below illustrates a few of the things we worked on:

Willie Elte and Juan fixing water line
  • Lightly topdressed greens on both courses
  • Vertical mowed the North greens
  • Lightly aerated several of the South greens
  • Repaired several irrigation leaks
  • Repaired the broken pipe beneath the main driveway at the club - in conjunction with Nick, Willie, and Gary.
  • Sprayed greens on the South on Wednesday and Friday, North on Thursday
  • Mowed tees, collars, and fairways three times on each course.
  • Mowed all of the rough on the South, and most areas on the North
  • Left to Right: Gary, Rober Sr., Robert Jr
    , and Benny
    The new cart parking area at Tennis.
  • Gary Tupa and crew finished the cart parking area at Tennis

On a sad note....

Last picture taken of Birdie and Socks. 9.15.12
Birdie and Socks are no longer with us following a tragic accident on Monday morning. The pups truly had a great run, and will be sorely missed. We decided to lay them to rest on the South Course near the same area that they were born. Thank you to everyone for your support and for allowing them to enjoy the golf courses everyday.

Final Resting Place for Birdie and Socks

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