Saturday, June 16, 2012

Course Update 6/16/12

Chefs Rafael and Henry cooking the pig for Sunburst on a custom made pit from golf course maintenance

We have been extremely busy since my last post 2 weeks ago. Check out the list and photos below illustrating a few of the things we have been working on:
  • Completed CPS power line project between 4 and 13 N
  • Re-grassed the 19th hole putting green to zoysiagrass
  • Added sod around the bathrooms on the South and to the left of 9 green
  • Vertical mowed both courses' greens 3 times in last 3 weeks
  • Lightly topdressed both courses' greens several times
  • Fertilized and sprayed the South tees, collars, and approaches
  • Aerated the South greens and topdressed heavily
  • Treated the green surrounds on both courses for weeds
  • Replaced several green side heads on the North to help eliminate wet spots
  • Vertical mowed the North fairways
  • Started our North Course pump station renovation
  • Edged all bunkers
  • Edged greens on both courses
  • Treated the bees on #14 South
  • Men's Member/Guest - Sunburst Tournament

A quick note about the North Pump station renovations:

We are in the process of making much needed major repairs to the North Pump station. The aging station was mostly original components from 1984. Over the next 10 days we will have several different contractors working to get us back up and running with much more efficient, dependable equipment. During this time we will be using a large diesel pump to irrigate the North Course. This pump will allow us to maintain minimal irrigation during the renovations. It is quite loud, especially when playing 9, 10, and 11. We apologize for the noise and commotion in this area. Below is a quick schedule of the renovations
Ric Jr and Rangel from PMT Services removing the old pumps
  1. June 13th- Diesel pump arrives and North Pump station is shut down
  2. June 14th-15th- PMT services completes demolition of old station
  3. June 18th-19th- Alamo Hy-Tech levels the slab in the building
  4. June 20th-22nd- American Underwater Services sleeves our flume pipe, cleans the wet well, and installs new intake screen
  5. June 25th - PMT installs new components
  6. June 26th - PMT starts new station, and diesel pump is returned.

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