Thursday, May 3, 2012

Course Update 5/3/12


This week SAWS declared Stage 2 Restrictions - one month earlier than last year. These restrictions have several implications for the golf course and your home lawn. Golf course restrictions include: no waterfalls, 20% reduction in our water allotment (per day in stage 2), no irrigation between the hours of 8am and 10pm, and implication of our drought conservation plan. Our conservation plan takes into account the restrictions and places priority on certain areas of the course. For example, greens are priority number 1 followed by: Tees and Fairways, In play rough, Out of play rough and driving range floor. For more information on Stage 2 restrictions visit or click the link below

There is no doubt that carts increase damage to drought stressed turf. Effective immediately selected holes on each course will be cart path only. Please follow these rules when using carts:
  1. Pair up
  2. Follow all cart signs
  3. Avoid driving in areas that look stressed
  4. Avoid driving on hills or mounds


We completed the aeration on the North greens and fairways this week. Both are healing nicely. The greens aeration will definitely promote healthier turf and should also help them be more receptive. Next week will completing the same process on the South beginning Tuesday afternoon. Thank you for your patience as we complete these necessary tasks.

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