Friday, February 3, 2012

Course Update 2/3/12

We received .75" of an inch of rain this week, and there is more in the forecast for this weekend. Every bit of rain helps, however we are still a long ways from being out of the drought. The good news is that aquifer has come up quite a bit - keeping us in Stage 1 for the near future.

North Course: This week we continued to work on the bunker liners. The greenside bunkers on 1,2,4,5,6,7,8 and 11 are now complete. We will be moving to 3 and 10 next. The greens were sprayed on Monday with a combination of fertilizer and herbicide (to remove poa annua). We will be lightly aerating and topdressing the greens this coming Monday. This light aeration will be the same process completed on the South earlier this week, and should help the greens be more receptive. We made herbicide applications to several areas of the course to help control the broad leaf and grassy weeds.

South Course: The crew continued to clear brush and remove tree limbs along the perimeters of the course. In addition, the greens were aerated, topdressed, and sprayed. The extended warm conditions have actually created some growth on the greens. While they are far from actively growing, we actually had a significant amount of clippings this morning. See picture below. Sand was also added to several bunkers including 15,4,6, 11, and 18.
Mike McCarty and Israel Garcia inspect clippings early this morning

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