Friday, September 30, 2011

Course Update 9/30

Good luck to everyone playing in the El Duko Invitational! We look forward to a couple of great days of golf. The greens on both courses are doing great and should be putting nice this weekend. As we start October please keep in mind a couple of things regarding the greens. October is the time of year that we prepare the greens for Winter. The goal is to get the greens as healthy as possible in order make it through the winter ok. One way that we do this is to steadily raise the height of cut. This will result in slower putting speeds. However, it is absolutely necessary in order to protect the greens while they are dormant - thus helping us have a better spring. Once we have our first couple of freezes green speeds will increase substantially.
North Course: We will be removing the Cart Path Only restriction today. We will be going FAIRWAY ONLY. There will be clear entry and exit points marked on all fairways using ropes and green/white stakes. Once you enter the fairway please stay in the fairway until you see the exit point. After exiting we will be cart path only for the remainder of the hole. Our goal is to minimize the damage to the roughs. With the recent rain we were able to make significant progress in the fairways and feel that they are healthy enough to take cart traffic. The roughs however, are still very weak. As always please follow all signs and avoid driving in weak or thin areas.

South Course: The South will remain 90 degrees this weekend with the exception of a few holes. Please follow all signs and avoid driving in weak or thin areas. Unfortunately we lost a large Live Oak earlier this week just to the left of 9 Green. The entire tree simply fell over. The crew did a great job removing it, and you will certainly have more room if you miss the green left. Unfortunately, I think we will continue to lose trees on both courses. The drought has been very hard on trees and we will see the effects for the next few years. We had two wells go down last week. The #6 well in the Edwards Aquifer and our #8 well in the Trinity both will need to pulled and repaired as soon as possible. We are working diligently with Peerless Equipment to get the wells fixed. Last week they pulled the number 6 well and next week work will begin on the #8 well.

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