Friday, May 6, 2011

Course Update 5/6

Drought Conditions: 86 DAYS! without measurable rain. With no rain in the forecast it appears obvious that we will hit Stage 2 restrictions in the next 5 to 10 days.

South Course: Greens have healed nicely from last weeks aeration. In order to expedite the healing process the greens were topdressed twice this week and fertilized yesterday. Overall the greens on the South are doing well. Next week, we will begin pushing them a little bit harder. I predict that in the next two to three weeks they will be putting much better. We are also looking into re-sodding a few of the tee boxes on the South. We are considering the back tees on 1 and 4. Work on these tees may begin very soon.

North Course: Greens are hanging on! The overseed is still doing well, and there is a lot of champion coming through. I predict that the greens will still be putting well in time for the Sunburst. We have recently minimized all rolling and double cutting on the North Greens. This will help eliminate stress and help the grass make the final push.

North Renovation Project: I will post more on this later, however I just wanted to provide a brief update.

1. Final decisions on contractor will be made today
2. We are planting Mini-Verde Ultradwarf bermuda
3. The sand will come from Osburn Materials in San Antonio - (we are waiting for more test results to determine the exact sand)
4. The greens will be cored out to a depth of 6"
5. Contours and perimeters will stay the same
6. Construction process will start on June 13th
7. Planting will begin on July 1
8. Grow-in  from July 1 to Sept. 15
9. Sept. 15 - Re-Open
10. Hopefully mother nature cooperates

Thank you for visiting my blog. I will return to posting more frequently when my new computer arrives.

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