Friday, April 1, 2011

Course Update

North Course: We are double cutting the greens this morning using the grooved rollers. This will be the second day with the new rollers and I expect more improvement. The greens are putting much better than they were early in the week, so if you have the chance come out and play this weekend. In addition- tees, collars, and approaches will be mowed this morning. High temperatures are expected to be above 90 today. As the temperatures increase it is going to get tougher to hold on to our overseed on the greens. While putting speed is important, overall plant health is the main goal. Lower mowing hieghts, frequent rolling, double cutting, water management, and low fertility all increase greens SPEED and STRESS. We are working hard to provide a happy medium - greens that are fun to play and still healthy enough to have a chance at surving until Mid-June. We appreciate your patience.

South Course: We are single cutting the greens and rolling this morning. The South greens are really starting to come out. Emerald Dwarf provides a great putting surface and we look forward to a busy summer on the South. One of the drawbacks to Emerald is that is slow to come out of dormancy (the winter). This means that warm temperatures and with several agronomic practices are necessary to get this grass really growing in the spring. In addition to mowing and rolling greens, we are mowing fairways on the South this morning.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all on the course. 

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