Monday, April 18, 2011

Course Update 4/18

Monday begins another busy week at Sonterra. Both courses have double shotgun tournaments at 8am and 1pm.

North Course - Greens double cut, collars and approaches mowed, all other normal practices.
South Course - Greens single cut, collars and approaches mowed, all other normal practices

We are still without any rain, and both courses are showing signs of drought stress. The waterfalls will remain off for at least the next 30 days. Stage 1 drought restrictions are not lifted until the aquifer remains over 660 for that 30 days or more. With no rain in the forecast it appears that the restrictions are here to stay for quite some time. Please use extra care with golf carts. We still several groups with as many carts as players. Please be flexible and ride with someone in your group.

Other News

We plan to spray greens on both courses this week. Tuesday - South, and Thursday - North. We will also fertilie on Tuesday - North and Thurdsay - South.

Vandals returned to the South Course on Friday night. The broke a sprinkler head, did donuts on 14 G, and broke a flagstick from #4 green. The damage on 14G is moderate and will be evident for a least a few weeks. If you have any information on who might have done this please let us know - as this has been a reoccuring problem on both courses.

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