Thursday, March 31, 2011

Course Update

North Course: We return to normal play today. The greens were double cut and rolled for the second day in a row in order get them rolling quicker. In addition, we changed out the rollers on the front of the mowers from a smooth roller to a grooved roller. This allows for a more aggressive cut. We almost doubled our clippings from yesterday. See picture below:

South Course: The greens were sprayed today with mixture containing several different products. These include a light preventative fungicide, wetting agent, light fertilizer, and micronutrients. We will maintain a consistent spray program on both courses. All chemical applications are made very carefully, following all label instructions, applied by trained personell, and with highly calibrated equipment. We finished edging the bunkers yesterday. This is a time consuming task that requires more labor than you might think. We break this process into four steps.

1. Sand around bunker edges is pulled back - 2 men
2. String trimmers are used to trim any grass and re-create sharp bunker edges - 2 men
3. A blower is used to remove any plant material from the bunker - 1 man
4. A mechanical rake is used to smooth out the bunker and return to normal playing conditions. - 1 man

Thank you for your patience when we are edging bunkers. This process takes place every 2 to 3 weeks depending on conditions.

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